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Witches Brew

Meditations. Come Alive To Yourself.

How you swallow your water into your body, what you are thinking and feeling as you do.

How you stir your food, what you’re thinking and feeling as you do.

How you walk down the road, what you’re thinking and feeling as you do.

This is your Witches Brew. This is your concoction of thought into matter, the magical memes that you carry with you and how you bring them alive through you. They come alive in your food, in your thought, in your body, in your walk, according to the perspective that you bring to your moments now.

So, what will you bring yourself to feel, as you drink your morning cup of water?

What will signal into the waters that come into you?

What will you signal into the waters of you?

Despite the feeling you already feel right now, you may feel already better than you are. The only way through into another world, is to feel more than you already do, be more than you already are.

Decide, Choose and Follow through.

It’s a daily practice at every moment with all you do.

It’s even in your waters and your food.

Be Grateful.


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