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Take an Inventory of Your Beliefs and Patterns

Take Inventory of your Beliefs and Patterns toward Yourself, Your Relations, Money, Work, the World. And then take stock of what tone these Beliefs and Patterns have. Circling the ones that are Negative Judgements, Fears, Resentments, and Thoughts & Feelings which are Not Serve You, Your Creations, Nor those Around You, On Outward to the World.

Literally take out a pad of paper and write at the top of the first piece, “My Beliefs and Patterns.”

Then spend time going over your patterns of thought and feeling, and beliefs in the categories of Beliefs about Yourself, Beliefs about Money, Beliefs about Relations, Beliefs about Work, Career, Purpose & Pursuits. Take note of your Resentments, your Judgements, your Fears. Listen to and Note your Self-Talk, Notice how you feel about your self, your worth, and the worth of others and life.

This will take some time, as you take stock of your experiences and impressions of life, and how you’ve coded your system.

These lists may be extensive and heady, you may find yourself feeing heavy, uncomfortable, crying, feeling rage, the entire gamut of feelings, depending on what you’ve encoded in yourself and you continue to play out.

Then close your eyes, go inward, and and start listening to your inner chatter, your feelings, your attitudes toward life.

This is the work to recognize what’s happening inside of you (the first step), and then you have the option to change it for the better of your world and the worlds around you on outward to the entire earth.

Your Healing is My Healing!! My Healing is Your Healing.

This inventory will give you the opportunity to take responsibility for your life, stop being the victim and choose new outcomes rather than being stuck in your repeat patterns.

If they’re not serving you, what’s the use to repeat them? It hurts you and the world.

  • Join a Workgroup to go through the work together (we’re starting one soon here).
  • Choose one category at a time, or go directly to “Limiting Beliefs” Yet you may not notice which belief is limiting unless you have done work to recognize your energy systems, and how your consciousness is enacting your reality through triggers
  • To go deeper into seeing

Decide To Shift

Decide to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs Now.
Shift into Empowering Beliefs, Thoughts, Patterns and Perspectives NOW !!

You Can Do This!

If stage 4 cancer patients can do this and turn around their outcome for life, to live.. if torture victims can do this and live a happy life again.. you can too. It requires a decision to make it the most important momentum in your life now. To strive for the health of you and your creations. This is part of the human journey, to come through, thriving. This helps us all.

Miracle Healing isn’t just a miracle it is Neurobiological shifts in your neural pathways, and it’s epigenetic choice of how to support the environment of your body, your cells.

So, what do you believe? Or want to believe? (Read the previous article on the subconscious)

Imagine a New Reality

On the horizon is a new way for you to be. Imagine a New Horizon, A New Reality. Embody It. Engaging all your senses makes for a high definition multimedia experience of you. You are the Technology. Use your intelligence to come alive to you. Stop being a Robot.

There are many ways to Imagine a New Horizon, Reality Creation Techniques that literally rewire your system, your neurobiology, how you think and feel inside.

  • Writing a New Story (Vortex Coaching)
    • Write the Story of your Worthy Self, your Amazing Purpose and Life Offering, your Loving Relationship, Your Wealth, and How You Interact in Society. See this, know this, know a new you.
  • Recoding with Guided Meditations and Guided Journeys
    • Guided Meditations (in person or recorded) may assist you to dream a new you, by giving you the opportunity to do in the moment you are being guided, seeding this idea, so that it may grow, and practicing it.
    • Guided Journeys may go deeper as they may include psychedelic and mood altering substances used in a safe and controlled environment. Know your guides. Know the set and setting, know how they will guide you through your journey. If it’s in a ceremonious setting, ask people who have attended and interview the server. If it is in a personal setting, it is common practice for there to be two practitioners, a male and female assisting you through your journey. Be sure to have given them enough background and that they understand you in ways you feel met.
  • Transformative Visualization
    • Hypnotic Retrieval of Subconscious Patterns and Shifting them
    • This technique has been used in cancer clinics for 20 years. As in the work of Gabor Mate and Dr. Joe Dispenza, it helps you shift your subconscious patterns, so that you may operate from a new standard.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
    • This is a way of going through the pains inside of you and making them neutral in your nervous system so that your nervous system learns to run a new pattern, while tapping on meridian and key points of the body. It settles the patterning within you and shifts it anew.
  • Reframing and Rephrasing (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
    • Looking at your perceptions your frames of mind, and your thought patterns, and changing them is a key way to coach yourself into a new paradigm. It’s more than affirmations, yet includes them.
  • Shifting Your Matrix (Guided Reimprinting from Seed)
    • Here you travel into your memory or into your subconscious and you retrieve memories, loops, patterns that were begun at an early age. Starting at the source of the moment the pattern began, you shift it there. Also considered Quantum Healing, as it is considered to make a domino effect of transformation throughout your substructures of self. All interactive patterns that interconnect with the original meme, also shift.
  • Soul Retrieval (Shamanic)
    • Calling back the innocence of the soul and your initial reason for coming to life on earth as a human, feeling, being. Throughout life experiences, our soul plan and life’s embodiment may become fragmented, so calling back the parts, in union and wholeness, you bring your soul’s intent to life in your embodiment now. Remembering who you are, and why you are here.
  • Vision Drumming (Shamanic)
    • A Shamanic trance technique to envision your new world, with the repetitive drum beat and the call to a new world, you drum your vision.
  • Rebirthing Breathwork (Alternative to LSD)
    • Breathing in a deep rhythmic pattern, you go into an alternate reality and shift here.
  • Shakti & Vipassana Meditation
    • Meditation techniques of non-attachment, equanimity and allowing yourself to flow as you naturally would if you allowed the release of structures that do not serve you.
  • Celestial Speaking, Hum Meditation & Transformational Dance
    • These are expressive body and vocal arts that help you recondition your body into new ways, as you act with intention with revery for your body, mind and life.

The Key here, is to recognize, acknowledge and shift what is running you and practicing that which brings you toward new insights and potentials for your life.

Don’t be stuck in the jail of your patterns and subsconscious structures and triggers. Begin the spelunking process, take inventory of what runs you and see if it serves you, and choose a new way.

Become Greater Than You Are

Every moment is a new one. And when you are practicing your meditations, your new story, or just living your every day life and you notice you are in a pattern of a limiting belief, know that you the moment you become conscious of the pattern you are playing, is an opportunity to bring yourself into a greater position, that you can be more than you had previously imagined and it’s time to place the new pattern into the light, so you may be it, fully.

Become Greater than You Already Are, every moment that you can.

When we stand in one arena, one perspective, we may be stuck in an old perspective, rather than hold strong to this pattern, make a movement toward life, as you have already seen you on the new Horizon.

Vogue It! Open Yourself to the World

Be open to receive.

Open Your Arms to the Sky and Exuberantly say, “Yes!”

Literally, as you open your arms, your heart is open and pumps more blood into it, you are in posture of gratitude for life.

Be receptive to a new way with your body, your gestures.
A simple gesture, and a posture will change how you feel about the world, so be sure to not just get physical, vogue a posture, the one that you imagine yourself living.

Walk a new walk, Dance a new Dance, Talk a new Talk. Live It. Full Bodied. Act it out, Become the new Character You Dream of.

Voguing It is

Practice Your New Reality

Having a regular practice that helps you stay in alignment with the new world you are envisioning is key.

  • Write Morning Papers
  • Participate in a Workgroup (we’re starting one here soon, inquire!)
  • Ask friends to be your New Reality Buddies and check in with each other about the writings, inventory, perceptions and more
  • Join a Sangha (spiritual group), Integration and or Addiction Groups depending on your wants and needs
  • Have a schedule of Activities that you can meet that keep up with

Live Your Highest Excitement

Bashar always says, “Live Your Highest Excitement

So, what is your highest excitement? What makes you happy? What makes your heart purr, and your mind hum? Noticing your body and mind activities and gifting yourself what you love is the key to life

Sounds simple right? It is in essence, in practice.. Just Do It.

We are in this together, and we’re all raising our vibrations.

This is part of the “Work” that you will do to shift your vibe, so you may be on the path of your most fun.

This requires deep honesty and deep diving into your life experiences to see what makes you tick, what triggers you and what the patterns are inside.

Ready for a New Reality? Sailing to that New Horizon now?

Make it your dominant intent, to hold yourself in a place of feeling good.

Let’s Do This.

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