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Tulum is a Place to Come Alive

New Earth Nomads. We Are What We See, Believe and Do

Tulum is a location where people come to come alive.

They search for new ways to be, they search for each other, they seek inspiration, and a spark to catalyze them forth into a new life.  They have hope, often for the first time in years. They have a new hope for a new world that they are a participant of. And they know the new world starts with themselves.

People here in Tulum, go on adventures with their peers, to find their authentic selves, to find how they may support the world with their innate talents, and their life-made offerings.

For they feel they have come to life for a purpose, and they may have an inkling of it, or none at all, so they come to Tulum, a place of prosperity for the heart and soul of humanity, to

They seek balance and are seeking to heal their ancestor wounds.

They seek change, transformation and a tribe who elects the same, and who is on a journey, that they may share, so that they’re not alone.

Like Minds Attract Like Minds. What You Seek is Seeking You. Your Tribe is Attracted to you

In the meantime, we are lost, and we are found, we find a tribe, a squad to make life works that matter to the world at large, to the world around us, to the world inside us… And we’re finding where to start first, from the center.

And when we begin this self exploration while venturing out in the world as a nomad, an adventure-some spirit, we go on vision quests, we dive into the underworlds of our subconscious with substances, and we find parts of ourselves that we don’t know where they came from, how they got there, or what they’re doing, except, that’s it may be creating dysfunction in our lives.

They discover that the world inside and around them is affected by how  they are being within.

They realize they are an enactment upon the world just as much as anyone else is. How they act, what they are creating, what they bring to humanity, what their purpose is.

So they are on a deep path of discovery and seeing how they may come alive with their offerings.

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