Celebrating Life Movement from Darkness to Light
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These are Transformative times, and it’s time for your Hero’s Journey. Discover, Find and Bring Back the Elixir You’ve Been Searching For. Start Within. Transformative Inner Journeys for your Wholeness. 

Discover & Design You.

Inner Vision Journeys

Be Guided through Your Inner Landcapes where you may Envision Your Life Anew.
Come to Life, Your Treasures Await You

Gift Yourself the Knowledge of You. Holding you in a sacred space, Lotus Love will hypnogogically guide through the inner landscapes of your subsconsious mind. You will experience yourself at the dream level, where you may lucidly catalyze your intentional dreams. Discover yourself and what will open the etheric doors to the you that you have been seeking to become. 
Structures & patterns of mind often go unnoticed and unchecked, yet they are there effecting your daily experience as habitual landscapes of mind and triggers. Uncover what is in the hidden layers of your subconscious mind, change patterns in internal automatic senses and subconscious languaging. Discover the treasures inside you.  Bring renewed vitality to your life’s experience.


Guided Meditations

Experience Yourself Dreaming Awake

Experience a Guided Meditation Journey into You, Divine Being.

Sound Journeys

Experience the Sounds of a Channeled Journey to the Sing Alive Your Ritual, Rhythm & Rhyme.

Improvised according to the moment, the need, the set and the setting. Lotus Love will evaluate the potential of the experience. She will consult with you on your life experiences that you want to awaken.  She will use her sacred instruments of the Shruti Box, Native Drum, Spirit Flute, Tuning Forks, Shakers, Her Voice, and more.


I Catalyze New Life Design, New Worlds. Intention, Set, Frame, Phrase.

Ripe is the time for Transformative Journeys of the Inner Self. This is a Human Potential Movement. This is a time for Humans to Upgrade their Systems. 

Join the Movement, Become a Patron of the Arts

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