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Transformative Journeys — Tulum

Transformative Journeys. You Are The Technology.
Transformative Journeys — Tulum, Mexico

Let’s Make the Change We Want to See.

Transform Your Journey
Shift Your Old Patterns to New Ones

Now offering ways to change your subconscious habits into conscious choice.

Dive into your mind, body and emotion’s inner landscapes & discover what is making you tick, move, dance, and think. Know where you are centering from and the pathways that you take in your mind-body states.

Get to the bottom of it, and know where the core of you operates from.

Who is the captain of the ship of you?

You are. Yet who is steering?

Be sure that you are steering in the direction of your ultimate horizon, the dream of your life, with purpose engaged, inspired, in love and on fire with your turbo boost button under YOUR fingers’ attention with intention.

  • Guided Visualizations, Hypnosis, Subconscious Diving
  • Dream Discovery
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping, EFT)
  • Get Lost & Be Found, By You
  • Know Thyself
  • Pattern & Loop Recognition
  • Reframing & Rephrasing

Let go of trauma, old loops & patterns that do not serve you, clear outdated energy, and shift your vibe.

  • Design Yourself


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