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Potential Totality. The Making of Human Demigods.

Potential Totality

The Making of Demigods

Part 1. Introduction

Sex. The making of priests, priestesses, gods and goddesses.

Who ever said sex was just for the layman, just for the sheer getting off of a hump in the dark with moans and grunts, and parts of the body lighting up that we couldn’t even have imagined.

Sex is for professionals.

The professional band and camp of sex ignites all parts of the body.. Piece by piece, and when your a Super Pro, all of it at once. And this is where miracles happen

Never can we go bump in the dark again, when we have the knowledge of full body orgasm, when we realize that every bit of our bodies are orgasmic.

If only you could know who you are, and your full potential. Every grunt, every groan, is connected to a complex being, a technology of you that is so perfect and running itself in rhyme of life.. You can feel it coursing through you as you orgasm.

Even as I sit here and write. On my lotus petaled cushioned chair.. I feel te magnamity of a life in me coarsing through me I feel the potential of my sex, my bliss consciousness, every moment, as I become more and more present with me. I orgasm as me.

Health and healing is orgasmic… when we waid in a lull of lethargy.. We are not orgasmic, we aren’t allowing the explosions to come through for one reason or another.. It’s an oppression, we suppress ourselves, for what, for the likes of others? Literally, we may have the likes of others, on our wings of desire, and this, we think, is what helps us take off and fly, getting high on the consciousness of others kudos and how they honor and respect us.. For being who we are.. 

Yet what if that who we are.. Isn’t really what our body and mind calls for? What if that who we are being is a continued playing of a show that we learned somewhere down the line, and we get high off the repeat of the factors we replay in it?

Not only that, what if the high we are having and receiving, isn’t the high we really want for ourselves now?

Say, you are sad, and you get high of being more sad. You receive attention for being sad, you receive attention for being depressed. “Oh, she’s a depressed girl, poor girl.” And people pity you, otherwise they never take notice.

Oh, he’s a player, and look at all the sex he gets, lucky guy, he must be golden…

And we replay these scenarios, we press the same buttons, and we are like robots, getting high off of an idea we created at one point.. And we don’t explore other alternatives, other repertoires of being, other button presses in our body, mind, emotional or energetic body.

Our bodies, minds and energy bodies are an exploration to be enjoyed, and we may sail the seas within us, to discover worlds of wonder.

These are times of inner exploration, and it can be likened to exploring the worlds of the globe, the continents, the nations, the tribes, the plants foods, gardens, hills, lakes, streams, the oceans, the airs, the bugs, plants and birds. We are a haven of communities inside of us, and sometimes a hell. What we do as masters of our gardens, is up to us, really.

I must keep writing, I continue to slow down and meditate. I meditated for 5 hours today, it was amazing.

When I meditate, I feel every pulse, twitch, fiber, molecule and morsel of me shape to itself, to my mind’s thoughts, my emotional body, and my energies.. I am working with this, and how words, images, ideas circulate through me, what constructs are there, and why, and what purpose do they serve?

Constructs are a frame of mind in the mindbody, that have an emotional, mental and physical form combined. Constructs can actually be followed along as an inner wireframe of how our inner circuit of our nervous system are interwoven and entangled in the cosmology of our neurobiology and how it connects with our spine, organs, heart, brain, intestines, muscles, joints, glands, blood flow, all of it.

I had a condition called Scoliosis, and it was severe, I was supposed to get surgery, yet I refused to as a teen. I set out to heal this scoliosis, and it became the number one truth to examine throughout my life thus far. I became sidetracked again and again and again in the normal pursuits of an independent woman making her livelihood and supporting herself while bringing myself through the inspirational avenues of Higher Education, and carrying myself through with Start Ups, Real Estate and World Nomadic Adventures. While I hid the idea that this was my foremost plan. I thought it didn’t matter to the people around me, and that it would burden them, and this hurt more than it could have ever hurt them. It was me who wasn’t speaking, it was me who wasn’t letting the people know, that this is what I care about in my life. This was a deep struggle of mine, and it carried me through many adventures in a search for a life that would support my healing, my becoming whole, aligned and feeling the states of love and bliss that is innate to my human embodiment and my capacity for totality, lived today.

So.. I went to Mexico, to get away from the space of people who want one way for me, even though that’s not within intentional realms of myself, despite all odds and opinions, I set out to become whole (healed & continually in an ecstatic state of homeostasis — mind, body, spirit)…

What I realized along the way, is how closely related my spinal experience and my everyday experience is related to my sexuality, and how most of all, in all my life, what I want is to practice tantra.

I thought that I would find my tantra partner in my 20’s, now being a couple decades older than that, I have had many experiences in sexuality, except my dream experience, which is to be with my beloved, practicing tantra, the practice of recognizing and wielding my energy body as I love it.

What is tantra and what do I think is tantra?

I know it innately, and when I’ve begun discussing in a hot tub at a party in Oakland, California, people were calling me their tantra guru.. I was also initiated and have been asked to give talks on it. I haven’t been ready. I hadn’t fully experienced it yet, so how could I give talks on the subject. I was a hidden tantrika seeking, and hoping for my partner, crying at night for him, and saddened at the loss of connection with the intimate relations I had chosen, turning my back on what was there, for the dream of being met, for the potency of me, is divine. 

Only knowing what I had hoped for, I could only experience how the networks in my body work.. And I explored that.. And have been exploring it for years.. Today.. I have regular orgasmic bliss experiences, in meditation.

Tantra is an experience of your energy fields in your body and how they interrelate with the energy fields of another. We may be very conscious about how we make moves within the energy systems of our embodiments, and when we master this, this is the making of a Priestess or a Priest.

The Godliness of a Tantric Priestess or Priest is innate to many of our beings, our embodied lives call for this. It is all over the porn industry, it is all over the sex industries, it is all over the play industry, and now with all the discussions and warfare in the #metoo war cries and the sex trafficking news, we can only say, that what is coming up, is the potency of sexuality.

And, this, in these times as Pluto, the planet of the underworld, and the unconscious realms of consciousness come percolating forth into the world, wild, unseen, outspoken and demanding to be heard, noticed, understood and appreciated, needing to be respected for its innate command, looking for the avenue for sovereignty, and gaining respect not only in the people, the masses, yet more so, in they eyes of oneself, this is the motion of the world and society we are in now, this is what we are facing now, as a gent, as a people, as a consciousness, together percolating the bubbles of unconscious, unseen, unspoken about hidden worlds to the surface to be realized anew. This is a time where we speak about what has been hidden in our own minds, our own bodies, our own genes. This is a time to discover ourselves a new. This is a time of pure potential where dreams surface with the unconscious profanity, the unconscious sacred, the hidden divine masculine, the hidden and scared divine feminine. This is a time to shift the foundations of our truths, and realize that humanity is on an odyssey together, and that this journey is one where we each are the heros of our own stories, and that blame and shame is an old game, for we all have a hidden dragon inside of us that we have been ashamed of, and we each are learning what the elixir of this dragon is, and how it may potentiate our human experience in this cosmic indwelling space of life on earth.

And there you have it, the beginning of my writings on the Potential for Totality.

Goal. 1 hour of writing on this daily. (That was 1 hour of Stream of Consciousness.)

More on this soon, for we are all Priests and Priestess and Gods of our own creations, sovereign in our own rights, and discovering what we shall bring to the surface.

In the name of humanity’s grace, in the grace of earth thriving, may we live as beings who honor the life within ourselves on outward to the rest of the systems by our sides, and that we’re nested in.

Bliss On.

Rock it.

  1. Aurora.



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