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Shift Your Vibe Now

Human Upgrades. Human Potential Movement Now

Notice it!

Become Aware of Your Feelings

When we become aware of where our feelings, thoughts, gestures and energy body is going, this is when we have the choice to choose it bring it in another direction. It may take courage, it is a movement of your will, to choose a better life now, for yourself, those around you and the world.

Our feelings, our emotional awareness and our response to our emotional awareness is our choice.

  • Breathe — Close Your Eyes, Take a Deep Breath, Release the Tension, and then Call in a Shift of Energy, Choose a New Insight to Believe.
  • Vogue It — Change your Physical Position, your Gesture, your Walk, Vogue a Gesture that Mimicks the Feeling You Are Wanting to Bring On.
  • Recall Your Gratitudes — Time yourself, spend several minutes thinking of what you are grateful for! Go Deep. Write them.
  • Rampage of Receptivity — Speak and Imagine all that you are Becoming in a Rampage of Saying it One Item After Another, Be Open To It
  • Exercise — Go for a walk, run, bike ride, swim, jog
  • Take a Nature Bath — sit in nature, breath it in, walk in nature and notice every bit of it that you love and speak to it, “and you’re amazing, and you’re beautiful, and I love you.”
  • Rinse it Away — Take A Shower, go for a swim, sit in a bath, allow the Sacred Waters to Rinse It Away, and Be Grateful that You Can, that these waters clear you.
  • Drink Water — Drink a lot of water, preferably water that has minerals in it, or salt & msm, or lemon. This will help it absorb into the cells and clean it.
  • Burn Incense, Copal or Sage
  • Clean, Clear and Declutter — Your House, your kitchen your desk, your body, whatever needs it, maybe all. Be sure to leave enough time to do what you are intending to do.
  • Listen to a Guided Meditation — choose your favorites or find one on YouTube, there are many Guided Meditations that will shift your vibe, or ask us to make one or find ours!
  • Meditate — Clear your mind, or enjoy a contemplative meditation
  • Chant — chant a mantra, or the Lotus Sutra (Buddhist, Nammyohorengekyo)
  • Sing — sing or hum your feelings, sacred songs, folk songs, Kirtan, or sounds that feel good to come through
  • Dance! Move! — Listen to Music You Love and Move Your Body!
  • Flip the Feeling — Notice What Your Feeling, Ask Yourself What You’d Like to Feel, and Imagine That, Gift Yourself That
  • Re-Spin the Movement — Close your eyes, and see how the vibe is spinning, spin it the other way
  • Listen to or Watch Inspiring Intentional Media
    • A Talk that Centers You with Your Intentions
    • A Guided Visualization
    • Visual Media that Entrains a Repertoire of Being You Want
  • Go to Sleep — sleep is often a good reset when in a funk, yet plan to get up on the other side and be ready for what you’ll do when you wake up.

Choose Wisely, how you will live at every moment, for you, for the World.

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