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My Story


What do you see in that crystal ball there? How does one predict the future? Why, we look within, for everything is there, we are connected to everything and all of each other. Look More, See More, Listen More, Know More.. and Generate New Interwoven, Interlinked, Interconnected Understandings, Ideas, Technologies and Designs for the New World that is Burgeoning Through Us as a Global Collective, NOW.

What Do YOU Want in this World, With this World that We Share?  Really.

My Journey

Inspired by Earth’s Diversity, at a young age I chose Experience As A Key to Understanding and Knowing Life.
My Experiences span diverse roles in varied communities, always looking at the Currents and Horizons of
The Spirit of Humanity on Earth

Field study

From architecting & designing Visionary Digital Landscapes, to impressing new waves of Digital Journalism, to being off the grid and Tending the Land, to the study of Consciousness Philosophy, to Becoming Whole, my field studies are a taste into the milieu of a Life Full of Adventure and 
Nomadic Journeying.

Global Meditation Centers
Breathtaking Nature
Hidden Gems
Emerging Communities & Businesses
Epicenters of Modernity
Technology Labs

I have discovered that much of humanity is Lost and Seeks Hope, a Way, a Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason.
Thus.. my Offerings now being put on the table to Catalyze
Deep Insight in Each One of Us Resonating with the New Earth Programs Transpiring Now.


Self Inquiry

How does one get to Know the People of the world? Explore Oneself. Each is one of many, what you feel, 1000’s even millions feel.
We are each unique combinations of Spirited Thoughts, Ideas, Feelings, Visions,
Sound & Motion.

Though experiencing a traumatic childhood, I  was always up for an adventure to find my way where ever I was, and I was in some strange places…
Pulling myself apart and uncovering me to Remember How I Love To Be has been  massively potent, instinctively surreal and purely purposeful.
I bring this to all of my Life Designs.

Shakti Meditation
Vipassana Meditation
Transformative Visualization
Alchemical Hypnosis
Emotional Freedom Technique
Intuitive Anatomy
Intuitive Body Talk
Celestial Speaking
Vocal & Sound Studies
Ayahuasca + Assisting



With Deep Rhythm, I have Danced My Way Through Life. I have Sang My Body Instrument Out of Hell toward the Light, I have Written My World out of misery into New Stories, I have Dreamed My Life Awake, and, I have Designed Digital Technologies for Humanity to be Free in their Sovereign Right to choose their Authentic Way by honoring their Purpose, Heart and Soul.

 I have watched the Trees Whisp as the Winds Caress, listening to the Birds Call for their beloveds. I have found  my Center of Being in the midst of the many spirals, and I am writing, dreaming, creating and believing in an Enchanted Globally Interwoven World.

There are Articles, Books and Secret Sauce Technologies Birthing Now.

My clan is with me on this one.

Transformation Technologies is the World Whisper about to be Broadcast Wide.

You On It?

It’s Time To Emerge.

Her Thoughts On Her

.The sources inside of me say.. make it, make this, make that.. and I feel a myriad of ways to bring forth my offerings. What are they? I will get to that in a moment, yet it may become obvious by the content of this site. 

I dream, I dance, I sing, I meditate, I design digital spaces, I architect  digital wireframes, I write up specifications, I write articles, I outline books, poetry comes through me, I channel.

This I say as a fact of knowing me and living with me. The only way that you could possibly know is by seeing the results of my work, or being a close and intimate friend whom I feel comfortable enought to allow myself to let loose with you.

That said.. I want to share my work.

The work of a life time.

This work is the work that helps me come alive to me. And when I come alive in me.. all I want to do is share it with you, so that we may come alive together. This is my dream, and has been my dream my entire life.. and though, due to circumstances, I couldn’t comfortably express it for a long time. The time has come to do so.

And I think it could help you too.

If you want to understand how your inner networks of being work, and want to come alive to you.


is about how You (and thus Me Too #metoo) may feel what it is to be in love in our bodies in all of our moves, in all of our makings, in all of our feelings.

Today. I felt something new, and I want to share it with you.

In my notes, the title is tagged with, “Article, Writing, Visualization, Meditation, Song, Channel, Talk.”

So.. tell me.

What form do you want it in?

Because it can come through in any of these forms through me. Some take more time than others, and some require friends to be on my side.

Writing, is the easiest while in solitude.

Let me do that for now.

I will make my blog today.

If you read this and want to help and donate.

I thank you for your grace, here is my Patreon.

D. Lotus Love is...

Dancing in the Rain Right Now.
One Moment Please
As She Touches her feet to the Ground and Receives Some Negative Ions
and does some Tibetan Rights, Yoga and Chanting while she’s at it.

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