D. Lotus Love

Futurist, Visionary Writer, Advisor


2015 - Present

Lotus Love Lab

For a journey into the land of the ancients, in the place on earth where a comet changed the experience of the planet, I set out to get to the bottom of it with my own transformational journey.

After Graduate School inspired me with the landscape of the Human Transformation & Potential Movement, I dove in to take care of myself becoming a Whole Upgraded Human, no matter what. What an Exploration and Experience!

I am developing offerings in the realms of Whole Human Upgrades, and am writing up ideas in regards to this…

The healing to wholeness journey continues with daily
Bliss Consciousness Meditation, Subconscious & Pranic Energy Body Shifts, and am now Recording Weekly Guided Meditations.

2014 - 2017

Authenticity Lab

The Authenticty Lab and Global Villages have been a part of my life since my undergraduate days. As an Information Architect and a User Interface Designer, I have designed several innovative applications in our lab that envisions an entire new global economic and human system digitally.

2006 - Current

Vibe & Vision Labs

With my thirst for knowing how humanity may thrive, through the experience of the heart and soul embodied, my initiatives in the study of vibration technology, and in the experience of the body, through self inquiry, travel, writing, dance, song & various explorations in meditations having visited multiple Ashrams and Meditation Centers as well as volunteered for multiple Conferences to get a feel of the landscapes of the Human Potential Movement.

I have studied sustainable living, nature & farming
I have discovered spiritual music and expression through song & dance.
I have envisioned and wrote specifications for digital systems for the future of humanity to come online with the light of their hearts and souls, engaging reality creation for their conscious dream lives.

All of this is and has been for the shift of the planet toward an enchanted world that we love to live in.

May It Be So.

About Me

Denise Lotus Love is a Futurist and Designer of Life Experiences through Word, Sound, Dance and Technology.



M.A. Philosophy of Consciousness

2009 -- Current

Energy Therapies

2001 - Present

World Nomadic Journeys Tour


B.A. Philosopy of Mind


Envisioning Entrainment Systems 72%
Envisioning User Story Experiences 81%
Story & Specification Writing 90%
Adobe Suite 45%
Energy Therapies & Meditation


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Wes Kussmaul

Digital Technology Innovator, Teacher
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Authenticity Alliance

Grandmother Renee Smokey

Wisdom Keeper of Black Rock Desert
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Father of Sound Healing
The Portacle

Chief Uncle Ben

Indigenous Song Teacher
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Steven Weissberg

Digital Technology Innovator, Speaker
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Steven Weissberg

Cynthia Kendall

Sound & Energy Healer of the Caribbean Sea
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David Fitzpatrick

Sound Program Developer
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Chief Delbert Black Fox Pomani

Wisdom Keeper at the Sacred Fire, Burning Man
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Digital Technology Innovator
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Relationship & Psychedelic Realms Coach


Speaker & Chief Evangelist at Google


Teacher & Mentor

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