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Let My Man and I Stand

Stories. A Hero Amongst Billions of Heroes.

Let my man and I stand our grounds, for ourselves, and each other.

Let my man and I be the center of the storm, where it is all calm in between,

Let us be in the middle of the maelstrom, the winds, be calm, collected and together,

Whipping new worlds into play, as we think and feel into the love that we are,

Together, and especially, individually,

With the world’s love a toss into the garden of Eden,

We’ve replanted our seeds,

And we continue to grow the jungles of love that we praise…

Let my man and I see each other in the eye, a beauty, that we recognize, we see, and we love…

A beauty that helps us see, that indeed, humanity is love, as we see love in each other, and we have found it in ourselves to share…

Let my man have courage to step through, disperse, lovingly, anything that doesn’t serve him and keeps him from being here for us, his family, his tribe.

Let my man be celebrated by me, by his community for his courage to pull through, to see, the new dawning erupting inside of him, like a volcano of love, spurting new forms, new grounds, into condition, of the New Earth.

Let my man and I love each other so much that the magnet of our energies pours out through the center of our hearts, makes rounds our bodies and touches upon all that we love in this world, connected, intertwined in the various nodes of love inside of us, in all colors, spectrum, patterns.

That of love, the light of love, is roaming inside of ourselves, wandering and finding waters that may sustain the love to live, for the thirst of love drinks of love, signals love and magnifies love…

Let my man see in each other, what we have only dreamed existed in this world… and the more we dreamed, the closer we came, to each other, to the enchanted lands of love, grazing on the light exuding from all of us.

Each chakra, pulsing with vibrancy, and knowing, each node pulsing with the sense, that this is all love, as we call it into our pores, into our cells, into our minds networks and our magnetic pulses that surround the spheres and vortices within.

No longer, can anything supersede the fact that I want to share my poetry with you, most of all.

I want to share our poetry, our poetry of love that gives us the ride of our lifetime through the senses, the imaginings, the dreams of the fields of life we’re calling in, into our space, our vortex, our grid, our matrix, of this mind, this body, this form, this will, this way…

The poetry that begs us to awaken to ourselves, and that we open to, bit by bit… as the fragrance of this love, is remembered again. This space… that we once knew, somewhere… that.. We could.. Again, make it, in this time, that already happened… so familiar… as if it’s petrified in time, yet it could never be, as it lives, and lives and lives, on and on and on….


And, it can never be forgotten, though it may slip from our grasps as we reach to put it in our pocket. It may rather ride on your shoulder, whispering into your ears subconscious pitherings, iterings and inklings, uttered in full secrecy to your subconscious mind, waiting to be unveiled by the prick of a piece of you, here and there… Remember, Awaken, this is you there… this is you, this is your choice, it is not theirs, this other thing, time, place, event.. That was portrayed in some story somewhere.

Fractal hop, to the next dimension, take a quantum leap of faith…

You could be loved, we could be love, together.

Tap into the Fields of Love, Open to the Source of This, and Bring Yourself there as You Sip the Divine Elixir in this Cloud of Experience, high definition, full resolution, whole spectrum, embodied life, this is you, connecting your filigree, cilia, little hairs and feelers to the world you dream of in the deepest of loves.

Eyes open, heart open, vibration astute to your bliss wave, remembering… all that it is to love and be loved on every place of your being, through every dimension of being and time, backward and forwards, celebrating and calling in the love light to the embodiment of now.

Multimedia, full factor, resolution evolution of experience to divine, you.

Divine, Design, You.


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