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Learning A New Walk

They say Walk Your Talk, right? So.. what does that walk look like? What does that talk sound like? Do you walk with a strut, or with your back hunched over? Do you look at the ground, the horizon, the sky or all around you? Are you quick to jump at or onto something, or are you slow to gaze?

How we walk, can tell us a lot about a person, what they’re feeling, thinking, seeing and how they’ve conditioned themselves.. for years. When someone walks, you can see whether they are feeling sad, happy, stoked on life or let down by it, whether they are charged with energy, or whether they are dragging and in capable to move beyond themselves into a new rhythm and rhyme.

To walk your talk, is much more than just doing what you speak about.. it’s about matching your vibrational patterns of thought, speech and movement. It’s simply spoken as a “vibe.”

If you grew up being chewed out for every small thing you did, or if you have been in detrimental relations that put you down at evvery move, you may lose your confidence, and your ability to walk, with strength, purpose and perseverance. You may have lost your way, and how to approach life, so that every move you make, matters.

First off, if you’ve lost touch with yourself, and how you may walk your talk, speak your truth and be you. You may notice it in how your body feels. Are there aches and pains? Do you hunch over? Is one shoulder up and the other shoulder down? Is your neck stuck leaning to one side? Do you limp? Are you sore in your lower back? Do you have scoliosis?

If any of this sounds like you.. it’s time to look at how you feel, and remake yourself.

Repatterning your  perspectives in life, your outlook, how you walk, how you talk, how you think, and what you envision is a way of resculpting your nervous system, your bones your muscles, tissues and flows.

My experience with this is in repatterning severe and operation recommended scoliosis. In uncovering all that has given me scoliosis I see that it is contributed to by my sacral expression. My sacrum, my hips, my legs, are very strong, at the same time as weak, fragile and trembing inside. I didn’t walk with confidence, nor sexy allure, yet with determination, strength, speed and force. This is what I learned from reaction to my quality of experiences in life.

My family works hard to make business happen. They are serious about their creations and they busy themselves with them all the time. They are busy bee, work-a-holics who take pride in what they make as entrepreneurs and innovators. That brings a lot of stress to the world, so I learned to go hard, go quick, go fast, go determined at so much of I do. It was also my desire to keep up with my top dog go-getters of my family. That’s just what we do, and we’re proud of it. Except, I kept on floundering, and I wondered why.

And then.. in my meditations, I began to notice, how the rape of my childhood was still being held in my hips, and how I still, 30 years later, held my hips in a position of fight, fright, flight, all at once. I couldn’t put my hip down and let it go no matter how much I tried. It wasn’t about trying, it was about surrendering.

Through meditation, I have been unwinding my scoliosis and the years of pain I have endured by walking incorrectly for an aligned body & spine and human in homeostasis. I skipped around the world with deep, trembling pain being the main current of my embodiment and how I approached the world around me. Frightened people would steal from me, take advantage of me and take me for granted, well, they certainly did, as that’s what I expected, and that’s how I faced the world, and that’s what I got.

Now, in spending years in school, in meditation and in a foreign country from my birth, I have been unwinding and surrendering to the old pains I was walking around in, and I am walking a new walk, talking a new talk, and becoming the person I was meant to be, before I allowed myself to be all wound up about the traumas and the attacks.

I say allow, because though it was an automatic expressions, and trigger response to what happened as a child, as an adult, I have a choice to let it go so that I may walk smoothly and comfortably.

This is a first entry about this. It’s time for me to move onto other works, with the my hips feeling in alignment in my experience of life…

May my legs & hips be comfortable as I sit down, may my legs & hips be comfortable as I walk. May I engage in fruitful experiences of life, and tap into the earth with each channel, of each leg, as the earth holds me sacred. As I step onto the earth, I step into worlds that hold me in grace, as I step into the world and move forward in the world, I move forward into places that hold me sacred, that love and honor me, that embrace me as a divine feminine, as a life giver, as a mother of earth, and I am rewarded for that. As I walk, I walk with smooth confidence, with spritely joy, with sexy knowing.. that I am a woman, a maker of this earth, and I am with my people, they support me, they care for me, they honor me, and I may walk with this belief, every step I take.

This is a part of my experience now.

What about yours? How do you walk? If you’d like to talk about it. Make an appointment, or sign up for the blog and stay tuned for more information on walking, talking, feeling, moving and grooving.

Enjoy being You!

D. Aurora of Lotus Love Cloud





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