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The Capacity of Humanity


Together we have the capacity to do to the planet what great comets have done.

We have the ability to change water systems, to ignite fires across the globe, to pitch the earth’s axis to a degree toward the sun.

We have the ability to turn up what has taken billions of years to grow inside earth, so that we may hold it in our hands, wear it on our bodies, and allow it to disintegrate into nothingness.

We have the ability to become aware of our experiences, as life beings, embodied in spirited vessels moving about with the will of our thoughts, I will go this way and do that, I will go that way and do this.

We have the ability to move mountains, and recreate them, we have the ability to fly to the moon and back to discover what’s happening on Mars and compare it to our own planet, wondering.. What was there before it became a desolate desert of uninhabitable lands.

We ponder, may we change the ecosystem of another planet, so we also may inhabit it, as we do the planet earth, with its beautiful gardens, waters and landscapes, with human bodies, fully resonant, walking the landscapes, breathing them in, as one, while appreciating, and realizing how this planet is made, perfectly, so that we may live a life well, with the abundant fruits of the natural labors of the land, the world, which flowers the trees and blossoms the fruits, which grows in the soil of our own fodder, the vegetables that may clear our pores and feed our consciousness.

We live in a land of wonder, and we have the capacity to do anything with it.

Together, we are a force like that of the comet, which changed the very landscape of this world, that made the dinosaurs go extinct, that shot a plume of molten dust halfway to the moon, and fell back down to make oceans, rivers and seas anew.

The very breath of the system forever changed, the dinosaurs go extinct, and we sentient, human beings emerge with all their impulses to live, to improve, to love, to care, for their tribe, for their makings, for the world around them.

Well now we are a Global Citizenry, and we are in this together, and the might of our consciousness together is the might of this comet that blew up the world for it to become anew. What are we creating creatures of light, of dark, of thought, of feeling.

What are the memories you are ready to banish, so that you may remember the future of us together as brilliant and capable of a comet of destruction, alas, deciding, together, something different.

Humanity. It’s up to us, our consciousness together is as brilliant as a comet that made the planet askew hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Together, we have the capacity, to make or break the sphere we live in.

Together, we are in this world, together, we may decide.

Together, we are together, remember, this is our planet and what we do to each other, we do the world and back again, to ourselves, our families and generations to come.

Humanity, breathe the brilliance of this significant space we inhabit together.

In Love.

Lotus Love.


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