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Your Human Body is like a Vessel,
a Ship in the Landscape of Life

Your Subconscious is 95% of Your Mind

This large portion of your brain activity, your subconscious mind, works on automatic, it lives unnoticed and moves on its own accord with old and outdated commands that it was given long ago.

The Subsconsious Mind is efficient. It works at lightning speed to deliver you a hands and mind free experience in your earthen spacesuit, your vessel, which to a larger portion than you may have thought, is ultimately at your command.

Your subconscious mind operates on autopilot using the undercurrents of the momentum within you to traverse through your daily life experience.

A great record keeper, it keeps a ledger of your experiences in the caves and caverns of your mind, your body, your nervous system, your functions and your organs.

Written there, inside you, your story within, your internal operating system delivers you the functions you may need, at every given moment, so that you may interact with the world around you. The patterned information inside may conclude a path, prewritten, and escort you toward an outcome.

In consciousness, whether this prewritten operation is conducive to your current experience or not, is up for question by the sovereign authority within.

You are the pilot, the captain, the commander of your experience. Navigate wisely.

You Are What You Think

What you tell yourself is recorded in these halls of your mind and experience, like a program.

These programs that you’ve patterned within yourself, show up. They are used, in your operating system within, to lead the operations of your body with or without your conscious knowledge of the internal workings. They are for your moment-to-moment life experiences and functions. They are

  • Your Breath
  • Your Heartbeat
  • Your Triggers
  • Your Automatic Reactions
  • Your Rhythm, Your Pulse, Your Rhyme

While you are alive, your body is continually functioning with layers of subconscious automatic programs within. Physical functions keep your body going with breath, life, the pulse of your heartbeat, the exchange of chemicals within. Your mental functions deliver you thousands of bits of information every second. The burst of a neuron in the synaptic cleft of the axons relations, are the alchemical electroconductivity of your mind’s makings. As you pass billions of bits of data through the channels of your internal wiring, it is most often happening below your conscious, attentive, awareness or knowledge.

We as human beings are an amazing technology that have evolved over a great pass of time through eras of planetary experience. Innate within us are automatic functions and functions that may be trained. Many of these automatic functions have been trained without conscious design, yet.

We may travel inside our landscapes of mind, enjoy a hero’s journey within, discover and map ourselves, find our hidden treasures, and use these found boons to redesign our experience of life with intention.


Consciousness is this cool. Pay Attention, with Intention. The new economies of humanity are burgeoning with the knowledge of how our internal exchanges of thought, matter. What do we value within ourselves? What are we paying attention to? And does it serve our existence, our very nature, our current life? For many, there is a huge reworking of the structures within. And the core, the root of it, where it all stems from, is within the subconscious.

Becoming More Conscious

Read, Write, Execute

You have the ability to recognize what’s happening within you, what patterns of mind are coming forth, as you, and you may do something about it, what you notice, what you see. This is a discovery process, and as commander of your own ship, your own mind and body, you have a choice as to how to navigate with your perceptions.

Perception as the leader of the paths your mind takes within, may be mined, molded and remade. Neurobiologically, this is considered your internal wiring. The paths and networks that your neurons traverse have plasticity and adapt to the environments they are given.

This is where consciousness comes in.

Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between the Real and the Unreal, as it’s mostly below consciousness. You can hand it new codes, and it will take them on, inside and rewire you. Hanging on to truths and resentments that hurt you repeatedly, may not be a wise action for the thriving of your inner universe.

Your perceptions and how you experience the world around you, is everything.

What goes on inside of you and how it develops within you may be consciously designed.

Use Your Mind Consciously

Intention. Attention. Choice. Catalyzation. Movement. Shift. Change.

Given the commands that truly suits your life purpose and your pursuits your conscious mind and life experience may pivot from a center of knowledge that is made for your life and those around you, to thive.

You may choose to come from a place of being that you consider your own, that is oriented by a great leader within. You may consciously change existing paths and networks within. You may set up pivot points for your experiences and relations. You may code yourself in ways that are truly authentic to your life experience rather than dormant, unmoving, decaying fields of thought and experience that are no longer you, yet or old recordings of a time and a truth that once served you, way back then, and is still in operation, unbeknownst to you and wreaks havoc on your systems.

To shift them, it begins with discovery, includes intentional resets, reframes, redesigns and rephrasing, and continues with mindful practices of paying attention to what’s happening within in accordance with the circumstances around you. If there are parts of you that aren’t working for you in any condition. Check it. Check it with your intentions, the centers that you have chosen to pivot from, are they in error of the functions you choose to live by? Then, rewrite them, and execute new patterns, in honor of your existence and humanity’s potential.

Start from the seed, and from there you may reimprint the matrix of you. You may remember you, the true you.

The Abyss of Your Body is Accessible, Readable, Writable and Executable.

When you tell yourself something, your subconscious mind hears it and codes it into your system. Through this innate mechanism, it may become a potent landscape of life movement and creation.

Deep Inside of You is a Dream World Underlying it All
Unbeknownst to Your Daily Experience
You May Make Conscious Life Creations

Tranformative Reality Creation

The potency of Transformative Visualization is within the subconscious mind, where the undercurrents of your internal mechanisms and patterns have been developed according to experiences and heredity.

When an event occurs in your life, you develop a perception about the surrounding world and how it interfaces with you, your mind, your body. You naturally make conclusions about how the world is, and how you are in it. These become patterns as our memories remind us of that time when and react from there.

Our reactions, often subconscious, become a league of living systems that decide your every move. Unconscious, we are riveted by our past experiences, we pivot from old, outdated programs that no longer serve us, and we act like robots.

It may not be our fault, yet we can do something about it.

If there were events in your life that were not healthy for you, your body-mind may face the world in ways that do not serve you nor those around you. You may become triggered by experiences that happen, and in the face of uncomfortable situations or scary experiences, may react automatically, afraid in fear, frozen and immobile, running in flight.

“Fight, Flight or Freeze,” are symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), some of which may be species-wide, some of which may be unique to you, your family or your culture. How you experience life and respond to it is unique to each, and may have layers upon layers of intertwining codes, programs and writings. A complex system of structures that makes up you now. Individually, we all “cope” with life in different ways. To have a thriving life, we may want to activate ourselves in new ways and shift these automatic triggers.

What comes up for you in any given situations is unique to you, your experiences in life, your embodied nature and how you cope with your daily moments.

Let’s live, mindfully, intentionally, moment-to-moment. Let’s become awake, knowingly, and come to a place where we are aware of what’s happening inside of us, what’s triggered and choose a way to react rather than allowing the automatic responses that were coded unconsciously take over. With a new conscious interface, receptive and perceptive field of development, we may face the world around us in new ways, making decisions consciously and according to the new experiences we are designing within. Choosing wisely how to navigate through our journeys and in ways that we truly love to.

Epigenetics reveals that our cells mechanisms respond to the environment we give them, so let’s give them an environment that is conducive to us living a thriving life.

Discover You

Become Conscious, Aware, and Choose to be Mindful.

Discover Your Subconscious Patterns and Beliefs with which you are operating in this world with. See where your consciousness is according to your experiences in life.

You Are Able to Change Many of Your Subconscious Patterns at Will.

Go into a Dreamtime-like state and experience what’s happening inside of you and how it’s working inside of you, what it’s doing, and make conscious decisions as to how to Shift it.

Not only does your subconscious show you what’s operating inside of you, yet when asked, in a relaxed, hypnogogic state, it will give you the answers that nurture you, and you may set them into play.

With practice, nurturing and knowing, you may go on the hero’s journey to change your path, come back with the elixir and bring it home.

Guiding you through a Transformative Visualization experience inside of you, you will see how you’ve designed yourself, and through a series of techniques, not only inquire into your state of being, yet discover the hidden treasures inside and how they may help you along your journey.

Communication with your Subconscious can be a two-way path, where you help sway your inner voices, authorities, children and parents to live according to your center of being, your intentions, your love and life purpose.

Mind – Osho Zen Tarot

Living With Intention, Pay Attention

The mind is meant to be a servant, we must run our lives through decision, not let it wreak havoc on our lives and enslave us through old patterns, habits and ideas that were seeded before we knew better.

As mature humans, we may know better or want to discover a way to know better.

With these old mechanisms, algorithms, and loops that were handed down over generations, cultures and those that were made as childhood reactions to the world, as adults we may now excavate our inner selves, set ourselves a new, with conscious intention, redesign and rebuild our experiences in life.

This is an intricate process unique to you. And it’s about our
Reception and Perceptions.

As adults, mothers and fathers of ourselves, the world, and our creations. We may decide how we use our mind, what mechanisms are activating within, who the pilot is, and where we are navigating to.

Know Thyself

There are tools and practices for that assist us in our daily, emotional, thoughtful, spirited and embodied lives and getting to know these parts of you is key to the gates of new experiences within and is reflected in the outer world by how we interact with it.

How do you clear or pollute the atmosphere within yourself with the factory of your internal opinions, discussions and arguments? Who is speaking? Who is in command?

When you pay attention to what is happening inside of you, inside your mind, and your senses, your feelings at every given moment, you’ll be amazed at the amount of rubbish that comes spewing forth, and that doesn’t serve you, your life, your family, community, nor tribe.

It’s time for change.

Designed with LOVE
Designed with LOVE

Take a Look Inside

Take a look inside and become responsible for what you are creating by recognizing who is operating and for what purposes, and do they serve you and those around you?

Does is serve the world?

What do you want to create?

Discover this inside of you, where the treasures lay ready for you to shine and stoke the spark that is your life to live.

Thank You for You.

Now become the witness, the explorer, the journeyer, the hero, the healer, the lover, the parent and child, the pilot, the commander, the captain, the authority of you.

You are a sovereign human being, use these rights well, for the bettering of you and those around you.

Bliss You!

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