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Are You Ready to Come Online with Yourself and with Humanity Interwoven, Internetworked and Interlinked? The time is Now, and the Art of the Future is Here. And It’s You.

Experience the Ride of Yourself with Your Guide, Lotus Love

My Services

Futures Writing

Stories of the future for humanity, technology and design.

Visionary Design

Designing futures In Innovation Labs has proven successful imagineering of the future repeatedly.

Transformative Journey Coaching

While writing & gearing up for talks and presentations, humanity through friends ask for help. I am here. Call on me for Transformative Journey Coaching

Guided Meditations & Sound Channel

Gifting the Experience of Deepening with oneself through guided journeys and channeled sound.


Talks on the future of our bodies in life, technology and design.

Technology Advising

Board of Directors are calling for women with experience to bridge the gap between technology and the world.
Hello World. I Am Here.

Lotus Love is a Futurist and Designer of Life Experiences through Word, Sound, Dance and Technology

Having chosen to live a nomadic life at an early age, Lotus Love, aka Denise, knew she was on a grand adventure of discovering what was in store for life. After an accumulation of experiences over the years, she’s popping with experiences to share and would love to offer you her gifts that she’s bridged across many cultures she’s visited, lived in and experienced. With a focus on meditation, sound, healing, visionary technoogy design and the current experiences that humanity is facing, Denise Lotus Love chooses to come to an enchanted place. With an outlook beyond positive, yet generatively experiential for the training of the mind and body experience, she says, It’s all possible. We belong to each other, are all connected and it’s time to weave what we may dream together alive.
"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."

Enlightenment is not just one state

Enlighten Your State of Mind and Experience of Reality by accessing your subconscious experiences and shapeshifting them for the experience your life is calling forth for you. You Future is Calling you forth and your past is asking you to let go. Enjoy a Transformative Journey and Coaching Session with Lotus Love.
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